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  BREAKING NEWS: Introducing the FT81X - EVE, the next generation!

FTDI Chip is pleased to announce that it's award winning HMI Display series, EVE, has been further extended to include an additional four devices in the FT81X family. All of the new products within this range of HMI LCD solutions boast a number of new features and performance improvements, including increased maximum screen resolution, faster data transfer, and expanded main memory capacity

The FT810Q has 18-bit RGB interfacing and resistive touch functionality, while the FT811Q has 18-bit RGB interfacing and is designed for capacitive touchscreen implementation (with provision for 5-point touch detection). These are complemented by the FT812Q and FT813Q for use respectively with resistive and capacitive touchscreens, but each with 24-bit RGB.

Click here for a brand new brochure providing more detail on our EVE offering, including Development Platforms, Accessories and support, applications and much more.

Check out numerous videos on EVE’s capability.

Click here for a new video showcasing EVE's abilities with demo applications.

For further information including preliminary data sheets, design development tools, application notes, and status updates, please follow this link to sign-up for timely updates.

 EVE - Display Controller

With 3 in 1 functionality including display, audio, and touch operations, engineers now have an advanced solution to easily create and output state-of-the-art interactive display systems.

EVE technology incorporates a wealth of advanced features found in both the FT80X and FT81X series:

  • Targets QVGA/WQVGA displays with 1/16th resolution
  • Maximum screen resolution 800x600 pixels (FT81X), 512x512 pixels (FT80X)
  • 18-bit (FT800, FT801, FT810, FT811) or 24-bit (FT812, FT13)RGB interfaces
  • Multiple palettes supported in 16-bit and 32-bit colours, with transparency
  • Store up to 2000 objects/commands in 8k byte display list
  • Main memory 256K (FT80X) to 1MB (FT81X)
  • FT800/FT810/FT812 with Integrated Resistive Touch Controller; FT801/FT811/FT813 with I2C capacitive touch interface
  • PWM output for programmable display brightness
  • Anti-aliasing algorithms improve display perception
  • Low-power - 24mA typical in active mode
  • Integrated audio synthesizer outputs beeps, tones or recorded audio
  • Support audio playback for PCM, 4bit ADPCM and u-Law coding formats
  • Extended temperature range: -40°C to +85°C

 Designing with EVE

The FT800 readily integrates into systems via either SPI or I2C interface, and connects directly to the display panel and audio speakers. The design flow is outlined below and is similar to incorporating a peripheral into an embedded, microcontroller architecture. The FT800 uses an object oriented approach in creating a display list for visual, touch, and audio playback. This allows for rapid creation of complex images over a low bandwidth interface from a lower cost, standard/current host CPU (eg; 8 bit micro-controller).

The FT801 can be easily interfaced to a capacitive touch controller via an I2C interface. The capacitive touch panel module (CTPM) asserts an interrupt when a touch is detected, when the FT801 will read via I2C. The FT801 supports a Compatibility mode, where existing FT800 application code can be run, and Extended Mode, which supports multi-touch sensing (up to 5) and gesturing.

The FT81X series features 18-bit RGB interfacing in the FT810 and FT811 devices, with resistive and capacitive touch functionality respectively. The FT812 with resistive touch and FT813 with capacitive touch provide 24-bit colour interfacing. Additionally, all devices extend the host interface to include dual and quad SPI for faster data transfer.

 Design Development Support

Modules are provided in a variety of form factors from FTDI Chip as well as key third parties to assist with design and development. Click on the images below to access more information.

VM800P - Plus Modules VM800B - Basic Modules VM800BU - Basic USB Modules   VM800C - Credit Card Modules

Modules are provided in a variety of form factors from FTDI Chip as well as key third parties to assist with design and development. Click on the images below to access more information.

VM801P - Capacitive Touch Plus Modules VM801B - Capacitive Touch Basic Modules  

A range of sample applications are available to demonstrate how to initialise the FT800/FT801 and develop display lists of primitive objects. These can be used as building blocks to create vibrant and dynamic images. Projects can be realised from a variety of tool and programming techniques, supporting anything from very basic EVE functions to sophisticated and animated, interactive demos. To download sample applications, click on the links below.

  • Example 1 - FT_App_Clocks  
  • Example 2 - FT_App_FTclock*  
  • Example 3 - FT_App_Gauges  
  • Example 4 - FT_App_Gradient*  
  • Example 5 - FT_App_Imageviewer*  
  • Example 6 - FT_App_Keyboard*  
  • Example 7 - FT_App_MainMenu  
  • Example 8 - FT_App_Metaballs*  
  • Example 9 - FT_App_Music*  
  • Example 10 - FT_App_Player*  
  • Example 11 - FT_App_RotaryDial*  
  • Example 12 - FT_App_Signals*  
  • Example 13 - FT_App_Signature  
  • Example 14 - FT_App_Sketch  
  • Example 15 - FT_App_Logos*  
  • Example 16 - Jackpot*  
  • Example 17 - Restaurant*  
  • Example 18 - Washing Machine*  
  • Example 19 - Refrigerator*  
  • Example 20 - FT_Dials*  
  • Example 21 - FT_Chinese Font*  
  • Example 22 - FT_Lift*  
  • Example 23 FT_Graph**  
  • Example 24- FT_Polygon**  
  • EVE utilities for Image, Font and Audio Conversion  
  • * Support for FT800 only

    **Support for FT801 only

     EVE Applications
    • Point of Sale Machines
    • Multi-function Printers
    • Instrumentation
    • Home Security Systems
    • Graphic Touch Pad e.g. Remote, Dial Pad
    • Tele/Video Conferencing Systems
    • Phones and Switchboards
    • Medical Appliances
    • Blood Pressure Displays
    • Heart Monitors
    • Glucose Level Displays
    • Gas Chromatographs
    • Power Meter
    • Home Appliance Devices
    • Set-top boxes
    • Thermostats
    • Sprinkler System Displays
    • GPS/Satelite Navigation Systems
    • Vending Machine Control Panels
    • Elevator Controls
      ...and much more!
     EVE Third Party Support

    FTDI Chip is working in partnership with MikroElektronika (MikroE), specialists in the manufacture and sale of microcontroller (MCU) development boards, accessory boards, compilers, additional software and books, to provide libraries to access the easy to use GUI based tool, Visual TFT. This tool allows users to develop display images that can be compiled for numerous system MCUs. The EVE library from MikroE consists of 12 components which support a wide range of EVE features and assist in GUI design, including EVEClock, EVEGradient, EVEScrollbar and EVEProgressBar.

    The tool allows engineers to create imagery for the processor by simply dragging and dropping objects into a palette, which is then converted automatically to code. Thisis then assembled by the extensive list of compilers supported by MikroE and further edited if required.

    4D Systems, a global leader in the research, development and manufacture of intelligent graphic solutions, has utilised the FT800 in a number of their products to produce unique display systems. The 4DLCD-FT843 product connects to any system with an SPI interface to bring state-of-the-art display, audio and touch capabilities into the end product which enables engineers to rapidly create high quality Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

    In addition, an Arduino shield aptly named 'ADAM' (Arduino Display Adapter Module) provides users with the capability to interface with the 4DLCD-FT832 intelligent SPI display.

    4D Systems EVE development platform

    For information on EVE support from 4D systems please visit www.4dsystems.com.au

    TFT module manufacturer Riverdi’s Revelation board is an evaluation tool which is designed to help with development when working with Riverdi TFT panels featuring an FT800/FT801 controller. It can also be used as a platform for engineers to build their own application. The board is based upon a FTM32F0 MCU.

     Key Features:

  • Evaluation of display brightness and quality of colours
  • Provides the ability to becomg familiarised with the FT800/FT801 controller and embedded widgets
  • Resistive and capacitive touch panel options

  •  EVE in the Marketplace

    In this section, design applications are highlighted for the user's reference, so that designers can see how EVE technology is being utilized. FTDI Chip offers no warranties or guarantees for these products, but provides the data for your information.


    Following from the huge success of the original Gameduino, which brought vintage gaming to Arduino, a second edition of the shield has been released. The Gameduino 2 completely converts the Arduino into a comprehensive portable modern gaming system through the incorporation of the FT800 device with EVE technology.

    Utilising the FT800, the device's graphics engine becomes more sophisticated and advanced, whilst still maintaining ease of use. This system allows simplified JPEG loading, can support alpha transparency and boasts a complete 32-bit colour portfolio. An SPI peripheral like its predecessor, developers can build onto the platform that includes a comprehensive feature set: touch control; a 3-axis accelerometer; microSD storage; headphone audio output and clear graphics on a sleek 4.3" display.

    Please click here to access an article providing a detailed analysis and commentary on the Gameduino 2 and EVE.

    A Gameduino 2 Tutorial, Reference and Cookbook is also available. This comprehensive guide to Gameduino 2 explains how to use the hardware's powerful features to create interactive graphical games. For more information or to order please click here.

    For full detail on the Gameduino 2, please visit http://excamera.com/sphinx/gameduino2/

    Leading distributor GLYN GmbH & Co. KG have compiled a quick start EVE kit in the EVB-EVE-FT800-V1, a simple kit which requires no previous knowledge or experience and allows users to create attractive graphic solutions in minutes.

    The full Glyn kit contains:
    • Development board with EVE graphics controller, voltage regulator and audio amplifier
    • A direct connection for use with Glyn MCU boards and GlYN / EDT display families
    • A GLYN software package, completely compatible with the FTDI Chip Programming Guide for the FT800
    For more information or to order, please click here.

    TFT module manufacturer RIVERDI utilizes the FT800 and FT801 controllers in a number of their products – with 13 models currently available. These displays are ideal for use in industrial applications, and include the following features:

    • On-board FT800 or FT801 controller and LED converter
    • Projected capacitive, resistive or no touch model options
    • Mounting frames for easy home/office integration available
    • 20pin all-in-one connector provides communication with the FT800/FT801, backlight inverter power
    • Two popular screen sizes available: 3.5” (320x240px) and 4.3” (480x272px)
    • Industrial grade displays, long lifetime and availability guaranteed
    • Development tool board based on Cortex-M0 with all source core provided
    • uxTouch displays family with modern total flat decorative cover glass design

    For more information, please click here.

    Riverdi uxTouch               


    Svet Electronike magazine has featured a series of articles around EVE programming. To access the series please click here. For more information on Svet Electronike please visit http://www.svet-el.si/o-reviji/programiranje

    BASCOM-AVR is a BASIC Programming Compiler (not an Interpreter) for the AVR microcontroller family including Development tools and Integrated support for hardware such as UART, I2C, 1WIRE, TCP/IP, DMX, IR, Keyboards and a number of LCD displays along with a Powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Bascom-AVR has added support for the excellent FT800 Graphics chip, which has a rich library of high and low level command support. It includes over 70 demos for the user to play and experiment with and has a comprehensive help file. You can view the Online Help file at http://avrhelp.mcselec.com/index.html?ft800.htm  (click on the FT800 label on the left to expand titles).

    Visit the BASCOM-AVR website at http://www.mcselec.com/.

    All over the world, engineers are using EVE in their system design.

    MLX90620 with FT800 Display controller and MBED - Demonstration of the FTDI Chip’s EVE technology with the Melexis MLX90620 thermopile array(16x4 pixel thermal sensor). The data is read out of the sensor via I2C using an MBED KL25Z board. The LCD display is driven over SPI using the FT800 EVE controller.

    Click here to access a blog from a user working with EVE to create a programming library for hobbyists.

    Click here to view a user video illustrating widget use and control menus.


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