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 Designing With EVE

All over the world, engineers are using EVE in their Human Machine Interfaces.

Following from the huge success of the original Gameduino, which brought vintage gaming to Arduino, a second edition of the shield has been released. The Gameduino 2 completely converts the Arduino into a comprehensive portable modern gaming system through the incorporation of the FT800 device with EVE technology. Utilising the FT800, the device's graphics engine becomes more sophisticated and advanced, whilst still maintaining ease of use. This system allows simplified JPEG loading, can support alpha transparency and boasts a complete 32-bit colour portfolio. An SPI peripheral like its predecessor, developers can build onto the platform that includes a comprehensive feature set: touch control; a 3-axis accelerometer; microSD storage; headphone audio output and clear graphics on a sleek 4.3" display.

Click here to access a blog from a user working with EVE to create a programming library for hobbyists.

Svet Electronike magazine has featured a series of articles around EVE programming, focussing on the FT800 resistive touch controller and providing details on its architecture, basic programming and more. To access the series please click here. For more information on Svet Electronike please visit http://www.svet-el.si/o-reviji/programiranje

Leading distributor GLYN GmbH & Co. KG have compiled a quick start EVE kit in the EVB-EVE-FT800-V1, a simple kit which requires no previous knowledge or experience and allows users to create attractive graphic display solutions in minutes.

The full Glyn kit contains:
• Development board with EVE graphics controller, voltage regulator and audio amplifier
• A direct connection for use with Glyn MCU boards and GlYN / EDT display families
• A GLYN software package, completely compatible with the FTDI Chip Programming Guide for the FT800
For more information or to order, please click here.

BASCOM-AVR is a BASIC Programming Compiler (not an Interpreter) for the AVR microcontroller family including Development tools and Integrated support for hardware such as UART, I2C, 1WIRE, TCP/IP, DMX, IR, Keyboards and a number of LCD displays along with a Powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Bascom-AVR has added support for the excellent FT800 resistive touch display controller IC, which has a rich library of high and low level command support. It includes over 70 demos for the user to play and experiment with and has a comprehensive help file. You can view the Online Help file at http://avrhelp.mcselec.com/index.html?ft800.htm  (click on the FT800 label on the left to expand titles).

Visit the BASCOM-AVR website at http://www.mcselec.com/.


MLX90620 with FT800 Display controller and MBED - This provides a demonstration of the FTDI Chip’s EVE graphics controller technology with the Melexis MLX90620 thermopile array, a 16x4pixel thermal sensor. The data is read out of the sensor via I2C using an MBED KL25Z board, and the LCD display is driven over SPI with the FT800 touch display controller.

Click here to access a blog from a user working with EVE to create a programming library for hobbyists.

Click here to view a user video illustrating widget use and control menus.


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