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CleO brings to market a family of intelligent, simple to program TFT display boards through which engineers can develop imaginative, compelling human machine interfaces, regardless of their experience level. Using Arduino as a foundation, CleO is able to leverage FTDI Chip’s high speed bridging and display technology so that improved performance and greater functionality can be benefitted from.

The CleO family of smart TFT display controllers can be easily programmed to give professional looking HMI / GUI's with no prior knowledge of complex graphics programming or mathematics.

With extensive tutorials (20 Chapters covering over 80 topics) + 21 DIY projects included to show you how, CleO35 (the 3.5in display version) allows both hobbyists and professionals alike to add a HVGA ( 320 x 480 pixel ) resistive touch TFT display GUI to their Arduino UNO projects.

CleO is designed to work alongside NerO, our energy efficient enhanced Arduino Compatible board. This accessory delivers >1A current at 5V without overheating, and the long pin version supplied allows CleO to be discretely mounted beneath NerO, leaving the shield headers fully exposed for IO expansion.

To access our full CleO support suite including tutorials, projects and examples and an interactive forum, please visit www.CleOstuff.com.


FTDI Chip works in partnership with MikroElektronika (MikroE), specialists in the manufacture and sale of microcontroller (MCU) development boards, accessory boards, compilers, additional software and books, to provide libraries to access the easy to use GUI based tool, Visual TFT. This tool allows users to develop display images that can be compiled for numerous system MCUs, including our own FT90x series. The EVE library from MikroE consists of 12 components which support a wide range of EVE features and assist in GUI design, including EVEClock, EVEGradient, EVEScrollbar and EVEProgressBar.

Additionally, MikroE have developed a number of high resolution display modules featuring the FT80x and FT81x graphics controller ICs, including the Mikromedia HMI range and the Riverdi Displays series in association with Riverdi, whereby the display is driven with an FT81x chip.

Riverdi is an innovative company which uses cutting-edge technologies to provide solutions  meeting today's end user demands. Within its first few years on the market, Riverdi has managed to develop its own process of TFT modules production in Shezhen and Poland which guarantees the highest quality whilst remaining cost efficient.

Riverdi offers a wide range of TFT display modules with distinguishing high-tech features and modern designs. Amongst the products, customers can find displays with different diagonals (e.g. 3.5", 4.3", 5.0" and 7.0"), controllers (FT8xx, SSD1963), with or without touchscreens (resistive or capacitive), with or without montage frames, and much more. Riverdi also offers customised versions of their products and professional technical support. In addition, they provide clients with various development tools such as the Riverdi Revelation Board, Hermes Board and MikroE Riverdi Click, to facilitate work with their TFT modules. All of the products utilise industrial grade materials and components, thus can be used in both consumer and industrial projects. To find out more, please visit http://www.riverdi.com/.

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