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FT9xx Toolchain
The FT9xx Toolchain is a free tool to enable code development and debug for the FT9xx series and are based on plug-ins for the free popular IDE using the GCC compiler. Driver support for each of the main functional units of the MCUs are also included in the installation package, provided as C code and precompiled binaries in addition to sample projects.
Click here to download and install the FT90x Toolchain (V.2.2.1).

Please note, the toolchain v.2.3.0 to support the FT93x will be available from 30th March.
Legacy support for FT900 tool chain release:
Unsupported previous FT900 tool chain releases:

This section provides an easy installation. Refer to AN_325 FT900 Toolchain Installation Guide for more information.
When used with the Eclipse IDE, it provides a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with ability to build applications, program and debug:
Other useful tools provided with the toolchain are:
  • FT900 Programming Utility: used to program the MCU memory. GUI and command line versions included.
  • FT900 GDB Bridge Shortcut: used when debugging.
  • Software Examples: May be used as reference material to develop further projects or to verify existing hardware functionality. The default location where these can be found is:

  • C:\Users\Username\Documents\FTDI\FT90x\Version\Examples

    Other examples can be found here.


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