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  UMFT60xx Development Modules


The UMFT60xA and UMFT60xX range of evaluation/development modules with either HSMC/FMC(LPC) connectors for interfacing FTDI’s FT60x USB 3.0 Superspeed IC with external hardware. The series allows for bridging a FIFO bus to a USB3.0 host and evaluating the functionality of the FT60x. As a daughter card, the UMFT60xx must work with a FIFO master board which has either a FMC or HSMC connector. There are 4 models which provide different FIFO bus interfaces and data bit widths, and they are designed to plug in to most FPGA development platforms supplied by vendors such as Xilinx or Altera. The series supports 2 parallel slave FIFO bus protocols (Multi-Channel FIFO / 245 Synchronous FIFO) with a data “burst” rate of up to 400MB/s. For a full list of features, please refer to the FT60x datasheet.

 Key Hardware Features
  • Support for USB3.0 SuperSpeed (5Gbps), USB High Speed (480Mbps) and USB 2.0 Full Speed (12Mbps) transfer
  • 4 IN channels and 4 OUT channels on FIFO bus connectivity
  • Supports multi voltage I/O: 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V
  • High speed connector for FIFO bus : FMC(Field Programmable Mezzanine Card) or HSMC (High Speed Mezzanine Card)
  • FMC connector is compatible with most Xilinx FPGA reference design boards
  • HSMC is compatible with most Altera FPGA reference design boards
  • Multi powered options: external DC powered, BUS powered, FMC/HSMC powered
  • Hardware Reset and Remote Wake Up
  • Micro-USB3.0 receptacle
  •  Product Information

    UMFT600A-B 16-Bit FIFO bus, HSMC connector
    UMFT600X-B 16-Bit FIFO bus, FMC (Low Pin Count) connector
    UMFT601A-B 32-Bit FIFO bus, HSMC connector
    UMFT601X-B 32-Bit FIFO bus, FMC(Low Pin Count) connector
    USB 3.0 A MICRO B CABLE USB 3.0 SuperSpeed A to Micro B Cable, 1M, Black Colour


  • UMFT60xx datasheet
  • AN_370 - FT600 Configuration Programmer User Guide
  • AN_375 - FT600 Data Loopback Application User Guide
  • AN_376 - Xilinx FPGA FIFO master Programming Guide
  • AN_377 - Altera FPGA FIFO master Programming Guide
  • AN_379 - D3XX Programmers Guide
  • AN_386 FTDI FT600 Maximize Performance
  • AN_387 FT600 Data Streamer Application User Guide
  • FT60x Software Examples
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