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  Software Examples
This section of the web site provides example applications to assist in the development of your own code using FTDI's D2XX driver and FTD2XX.DLL for the USB products, and some starter projects for developing new graphical user interfaces for the EVE (FT800) series of Graphics Controllers.  


The examples are split into the following sections. 

  • FT90x Examples - Example projects may be used as reference material to develop further projects or to verify existing hardware functionality.

  • EVE Projects  - Example projects to drive the EVE series of devices including use of widgets for creating graphics, touch and audio.

  • SuperSpeed Examples - Example projects for the FT600 device.

  • Android Java D2XX - Example projects to connect FTDI peripheral devices to an Android Host with the Java D2XX driver

  • Android Open Accessories - Example projects using the Vinculum-II programmable USB 2.0 host / slave controller to bridge between Android devices that support Open Accessory mode and peripheral hardware.

  • Vinculum-II Projects - Example projects using the Vinculum-II programmable USB 2.0 host / slave controller.

  • Vinculum Projects - Example projects using the Vinculum embedded USB host controller IC.

  • SafeGuard-IT - Samples using the SafeGuard-IT ActiveX control for FT232R and FT245R devices.  These are typically security dongle applications.

  • FTDIChip-ID - The FTDIChip-ID section provides examples on how the unique number programmed into each FT232R and FT245R IC can be used for secure registration and licensing.  The FTDIChip-ID can also be used to provide a dongle feature at the same time as providing the USB UART or USB FIFO functionality.

  • MPSSE - The MPSSE section deals specifically with the MPSSE mode of the FT232H, FT2232H, FT4232H and FT2232D devices.  Several examples are provided to demonstrate interfacing USB to popular serial protocols.  In addition, DLLs have been created to simplify interfacing the hardware to I2C, JTAG and SPI devices.  These DLLs are available for download from the MPSSE section and several code examples are also provided.

  • Code Examples - The Code Examples section contains more general examples using the D2XX drivers and DLL and spans several programming languages.

  • FT12 Example Firmware - Example projects using the LPC1114 microcontroller populated on the UMFT12XEV to configure and control the FT12 series devices.

  • FT313H Software Examples - Example projects for the FT313H device.


  • FT4222H Software Examples - Example projects for the FT4222H device.






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