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Bit Bang mode is a special FT232R and FT245R device mode that changes the 8 IO lines into an 8 bit bi-directional data bus. There are three types of Bit Bang mode for the FT232R:

·Asynchronous Bit Bang Mode, which is the same as the FTDI BM and C chip-style Bit Bang mode, with the addition of Read and Write strobes in the case of the FT232R.  
·Synchronous Bit Bang Mode, where data is only read from the device when the device is written to. This is the same as the FT2232 Synchronous Bit Bang mode.  
·CBUS Bit Bang Mode, a new 4-bit version of Bit Bang mode is available on the FT232R CBUS pins.  

Asynchronous and Synchronous Bit Bang modes are enabled by driver commands, while CBUS Bit Bang must be set up in the device EEPROM before it can be enabled with a driver command.