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DIFx Driver Package Requirements
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DPInst can be used to pre-install drivers with Windows 2000 and later, provided that the driver package meets the requirements outlined in "Requirements for Driver Packages That Are Used with the Driver Install Frameworks (DIFx) Version 2.0 Tools" which is provided with the DIFx documentation.

The requirements can be summarised as a standard Windows driver package plus a few additional INF entries and Microsoft WHQL certification. FTDI's latest certified VCP driver (R2176) meets these requirements.

It is important to note that if a product uses a custom VID and/or PID (i.e. any VID and PID combination other than one of the defaults listed in a certified driver INF), modifying the INF files to include the required VID and PID combination will invalidate the certification. This problem can be overcome by obtaining reseller rights for the driver.

FTDI can grant customers reseller rights for their certified drivers, provided the customer has a Microsoft Winqual account. Once the customer is granted reseller rights by FTDI and pays a small fee to Microsoft, the customer can be provided with a certified driver package with the required VID and PID combination. For details on how to obtain a Winqual account, please contact Microsoft or visit their
Winqual pages.