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How can I open a port on the FT2232C using D2XX drivers?

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There are a number of ways to open a port of the FT2232C using information returned from FT_ListDevices.


FT_ListDevices can be used to return a device description or serial number of the device. FT_OpenEx can then be used to open by description or by serial number.  When FT_ListDevices is used to get information on a FT2232C device, the string returned is appended with a letter to indicate which port has responded (e.g. "USB <-> Dual Serial Converter A" or "FT012345A" for port A of the device).  This string can then be modified by removing the last character and appending the letter corresponding to the port you want to open.


For example, using FT_ListDevices to return information on device index 0 may return a description of "USB <-> Dual Serial Converter B".  Removing the last character of this string leaves "USB <-> Dual Serial Converter ".  It is then possible to append either "A" or "B" to the end of this string which can then be used with FT_OpenEx to open the required port.


Ports may also be opened by index, but this cannot guarantee which port will be opened.