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VPROG VPROG VNC1L Reflasher Application
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The VPROG application can be used to reprogram the Flash memory of the VNC1L-1A and is available as a free download from the Vinculum web site. VPROG requires an FTDI 232 (USB-UART) device using the Windows CDM (D2XX) drivers. It is possible to use other devices with a UART, but these will require a different application which must be written by the developer.

To reprogram the VNC1L Flash memory, perform the following steps:

·If required, use jumpers to enable the bootloader in the VNC1L device. See the hardware considerations section for more information on this.  

·Connect the FTDI 232-based reprogramming interface to the PC and install the CDM (D2XX) drivers.  

·Download VPROG from the Vinculum web site downloads page.  

·Download the required firmware from the Vinculum web site downloads page.  

·Run VPROG.exe.  


·Click on the drop down box and select the description of the FTDI 232 device being used to reprogram the Vinculum device.  


·Click the "ROM File..." button and browse to the ROM file to be programmed into the VNC1L.  


·Once a file is selected, the file path is displayed on the form. If a valid ROM file has been chosen and an FT232 has been selected, the device may be reprogrammed. Click "Program" to reprogram the VNC1L.  


·A progress bar indicates how much of the reprogramming process is complete.  


·A second progress bar is displayed while verifying the Flash memory.  


·A message box is displayed at the end indicating that the reprogramming has completed and was successful.