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Special Offer – free FT900 MikroE Clicker 2 board and free worldwide shipping with any direct FT90x MikroE Compiler purchase

FTDI Chip has taken further steps to help engineers implement better embedded systems using its cutting-edge microcontroller technology. Working in conjunction with MikroElektronika (MikroE), the company is now marketing a cost effective development package based on the ground-breaking FT90x MCU series.

The Clicker 2 for the FT90x, powered by the FT900 IC from the series, is a compact development kit with two mikroBUS™ sockets for click™ board connectivity. This comes coupled with a full feature compiler licence for FT90x devices, with a choice of three available - Basic, Pascal or C Compiler. As an exclusive launch offer, FTDI Chip is exclusively providing customers with a free MikroE Clicker 2 board worth $39.95 with every FT90x Compiler license purchase and furthermore offering free worldwide shipping on the package!  For more information and to buy please click here, or click here for the price release.




Welcome to FTDI Chip - offering a wide range of products including modules, cables, and integrated circuits for USB connectivity and display systems. FTDI Chip strives to bridge technologies and supports this strategy with feature-rich products that include technical documentation, application/software examples, and royalty free USB drivers. With regional technical support throughout the world, our goal is to provide total solutions that reduce development risk, enhance system capabilities, and enable faster time to market.

  EVE, Award Winning Display Technology

The FT800 with EVE, Embedded Video Engine technology announced in 2013 has garnered 5 major awards from around the world, as voted by user interest and technical panels.

With 3 in 1 functionality for display, audio, and touch, this 48 pin single chip solution, provides all the elements needed to development state of the art, Human Machine Interfaces. So take your system interface to the next level with EVE……available today! Click here for complete support information.


FTDI Chip achieves WHCK Certification from Microsoft for latest CDM driver for Windows 10

FTDI Chip are delighted to announce they have achieved WHCK certification from Microsoft for their latest CDM driver to add support for Windows 10 x86 and x64 platforms, allowing customers to continue to use FTDI Chip solutions across all Windows desktop platforms with the knowledge and confidence that the driver has passed the basic quality standards set by Microsoft.

FTDI Chip Adds Graphic Toolchain Package to existing EVE Offering

FTDI Chip is pleased to introduce the EVE screen designer, built to offer more comprehensive support to its Embedded Video Engine (EVE) product offering. Suitable for use with Windows operating systems (Windows 7 and above), this highly sophisticated yet still easy-to-operate development suite enables the creation of advanced human machine interfaces (HMIs), via EVE’s innovative object-oriented approach, without any understanding of EVE display lists. This means that it is far more accessible to graphic designers who are concerned primarily with the look and feel of the HMI.

This innovative solution is available for free download here. For further information, please click here for the press release. 

In addition, a new version of the EVE Screen Editor is now available here. The new version now includes support for various VM800 modules, in all display sizes


MikroElektronika & FTDI Chip Introduce Multi-Faceted FT90X MCU Development Platform

FTDI Chip and technology partner MikroElektronika are pleased to announce the release of a complete ecosystem of development products to support the FT90X series of 32-bit application-optimized microcontroller units (MCUs). Through these products, which incorporate both hardware and software elements, engineers will be able to harness the full potential of FT90X MCU devices and make more inspiring embedded system designs.

For full information, please click here for the press release.


FTDI Chip Unveils High Resolution EVE Devices

FTDI Chip’s highly-regarded Embedded Video Engine (EVE) portfolio for advanced human machine interface (HMI) implementation has been further strengthened with the introduction of the FT81X series. These new EVE devices support higher maximum screen resolutions than previously possible - increasing from the 512x512 pixels of the company’s FT800 and FT801 by offering up to 800x600 pixels, in order to address larger displays (7-inches and above) used in point-of-sales units, information kiosks, etc.

 For more information, please visit the FT81X series product page or click here for the press release. Provisional technical details are available in the draft datasheet.


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