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  Recent Coverage
This page includes links to articles published in magazines and on-line.  Many of the magazine articles are now available on-line and links have been included where possible.  The articles have been separated into three sections:



To view an article, click on the article title.


Most of the articles are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed before they can be viewed.



  Magazine Articles
Article Title Author Publication Author's Website
Using the Vinco/Vinculum-II to communicate over a ZigBee RF link Fred Eady Nuts & Volts September 2011  
Software Defined Radio With USB Interface Burkhard Kainka Elektor Electronics  
Add Audio Playback To Your Next Project Don Powrie Nuts & Volts https://www.dlpdesign.com 
Embedded USB Breakthrough Jeff Bachiochi Circuit Cellar https://www.circuitcellar.com/
USB<=>RS232 Converter И. Хуртин Radio (Russia)  
Programming an FPGA over USB using the JTAG Protocol Sakamoto Yasuhiro Toragi (Japan) https://www.cqpub.co.jp/toragi/
User-Friendly USB Device and Application Shigeki Serry Toragi (Japan) https://www.cqpub.co.jp/toragi/
Multi-Protocol USB: An All-Serial Data Acquisition System - No Microcontroller Required! Don Powrie Nuts & Volts Magazine (USA) https://www.dlpdesign.com
Developer Friendly USB Don Powrie Nuts & Volts Magazine (USA) https://www.dlpdesign.com
Bit-Bang USB: Perhaps The Easiest USB Interface Yet! Don Powrie Nuts & Volts Magazine (USA) https://www.dlpdesign.com
USB Made Simple Eddy Insam Electronics World (UK) https://www.eix.co.uk
Boarding the Universal Serial Bus: Pick The Solution That Fits Your Project! (Not available to read on-line) Jan Axelson Nuts & Volts Magazine (USA) https://www.lvr.com
USB, FTDI Style (Not available to read on-line) Jeff Pollard Circuit Cellar Magazine (USA) https://www.xylotex.com
Add a Universal Serial Bus Interface To Your Project - It's Easier Than You Think! Don Powrie Nuts & Volts Magazine (USA) https://www.dlpdesign.com
For more articles by Don Powrie of DLP Design please see https://www.dlpdesign.com/pub.shtml.
  On-Line Articles
Article Title Author Publication Author's Website
USB-CANtastic Craig Beiferman & Dale Herman Circuit Cellar Magazine (USA) https://www.apoxcontrols.com
Interfacing with a High-Speed Data Link Donovan G Govan & John L Bähr Proceedings (ISBN 0-473-09117-8) of the 9th Electronics New Zealand Conference https://www.physics.otago.ac.nz/electronics/index.html
USB on a Stamp Ben Lennard Lennard Electronics Website https://www.flat87.co.nr/ben
USB with the simplicity of RS232 - High Speed USB Controllers for Serial and FIFO Applications Craig Peacock Beyond Logic Website https://www.beyondlogic.org
"Some companies (like FTDI) have taken the approach of nearly completely relieving their customers of any USB knowledge, providing drivers and APIs for the host side, and a simple FIFO or serial interface at the device side.  This seems like a good strategy to me, as it provides a USB interface that can be implemented in a design without the engineer first having to become a USB guru."

Michael DeVault - DeVaSys on the USB Developers Web Board
"I have purchased a couple of DLP-245 modules to test-drive your USB chip in FPGA or ASIC context.  I was up and running within a few hours! (including the addition of the module to an Insight Xilinx Board, the drivers' installation, the FPGA application coding, and building a small USB demo project)."
"Everything (ASSP & drivers) seems perfectly designed on your side and I was very strongly impressed.  I have even purchased another tool using your chip (the small logic analyzer from Rocky Logic) which also works like a breeze (using the same USB drivers)."
"Today, I updated my website to reference your solution, and I have started to promote it heavily towards my customers and delegates who express interest in USB (during our HDL Training courses).  See https://www.alse-fr.com/English/cool_links.html."
"Congratulations for the perfect job!"

Bertrand Cuzeau - Technical Manager ALSE



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