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  News Archive

The FTDI news archive pages keeps track of some historical news items that have been moved from the home page. 


December 2014
FTDI Chip Introduces EVE Platforms Supporting Development of HMIs with Capacitive Touch
FTDI Chip has further enlarged the portfolio of development modules accompanying its award-winning Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology - which has helped revolutionise how human machine interfaces (HMIs) are implemented thanks to its innovative object-oriented approach. These latest EVE platforms are targeted at the creation of intelligent display systems using capacitive touch and are based on the FT801 EVE chip released earlier this year. Please click here for the press release.

November 2014
FTDI Chip Launches Sophisticated USB 3.0 Interface Solution in Low Pin Count Package
The FT600Q and FT601Q are FTDI Chip’s first generation USB 3.0 products that function as SuperSpeed USB 3.0 to FIFO bridges, providing data bursting rates of up to 3.2Gbps. The FT600Q comes in 56-pin QFN package and has a 16-bit wide FIFO bus interface, while FT601Q comes in 76-pin QFN package and has a 32-bit wide FIFO bus interface. Both these chips support up to 8 endpoints, other than the management endpoints. The endpoints are linked to a configurable endpoint buffers of 16kByte length for IN and 16kByte for OUT. Please click here for the press release.  

FTDI Chip Unveils Daughter Cards Supporting its Arduino-Compatible EVE Development Boards
Following on from the release of its VM800P development platforms, which facilitate more advanced human machine interface (HMI) implementation using its innovative Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology, FTDI Chip has introduced a series of accompanying daughter cards (or shields). To find out more please click here.  


October 2014
Elektronika & FTDI Chip Embark on Construction of Comprehensive FT90X Development Environment
Belgrade-headquartered development tool chain supplier MikroElektronika has signed a formal agreement with FTDI Chip to create mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal compilers for the FT90X 32-bit microcontroller offering. The FT90X utilises a proprietary 32-bit RISC architecture - allowing it to set performance benchmarks beyond 2.93DMIPS/MHz, with true zero wait-states operation up to 100MHz frequencies, as well as capacious memory and an array of advanced connectivity resources. For full details please click here.


September 2014
FTDI Chip adds FT4222H Hi-Speed bridge to existing flagship USB portfolio
FTDI Chip is pleased to announce the release of the FT4222H, a Hi-Speed USB to SPI/I2C Bridge Chip. For more information, please click here to access the press release or visit the FT4222H product page for details including the datasheet and how to buy.


August 2014
BEEA & Elektra Shortlists Announced
The British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs) shortlist for 2014 has just been confirmed and FTDI Chip has been cited in 2 categories. It is in running for the highly coveted Design Team of the Year award. The company is also a contender for Electronic Product of the Year, for its FT900 MCU, and has furthermore been included within those nominated for the prestigious Elektra European Elextronics Awards, under the Best Design Team category. For more information please visit: www.beeas.co.uk/shortlist

FTDI Chip announces collaboration with MCCI for advanced embedded SoC products
FTDI Chip is pleased to announce that a partnership with MCCI® Corporation, a leading developer of USB drivers and firmware for embedded SoC has resulted in the availability of TrueTask® USB, an embedded USB host stack designed for use with the FT900 MCU product family. Please click here to access the press release


Intelligent Display System Provides Unmatched Ease of Integration
4D Systems has announced a partnership with FTDI Chip that has resulted in the development of a highly advanced intelligent SPI display offering, based on FTDI Chip’s FT800 Embedded Video Engine (EVE). The new 4DLCD-FT843 product enables system designers to rapidly create high quality human machine interfaces (HMIs). It includes a 4.3” TFT display (with 480 x 272 pixel resolution), PWM audio output (with amplifier enable), a 64 voice polyphonic sound synthesizer, a 4-wire resistive touch screen, all integrated on a flexible ribbon connector. The product was designed so that it can be easily incorporated into current systems via an SPI interface, where the FT800 acts like an SPI peripheral.
Press release in English, Chinese, German, French, Korean, Italian and Spanish


FTDI Chip Announces Appointment of New Distributor in Thailand
Looking to further expand its global reach, FTDI Chip has announced that it will, with immediate effect, be represented in Thailand by local distributor Electronics Source Co. Ltd. The company, which is headquartered in Bangkok, will forthwith supply the full gamut of FTDI Chip’s product range, spanning across its USB, MCU and display offerings. Click here to access the press release.


FTDI Chip display offering expanded with release of FT801 and EVE support suite
FTDI Chip is proud to announce a significant expansion of it's display product line, to include the production release of the FT801 graphics controller with capacitive touch support alongside a suite of new EVE software support including a screen editor tool and emulator library, available free of charge. The eagerly-awaited FT801 is now in full production and readily available in volume quantities. Like the FT800, this chip is based on Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology and builds on the award-winning FT800 design by providing all of the same attributes with the added benefit of capacitive touch support, which provides multi-touch capability. Moreover, additional support is now available in both the EVE emulator library and screen editor tools, designed to provide further assistance to engineers using FTDIs Chip's object oriented Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology. A full press release can be downloaded here.


May 2014
FTDI Chip announces appointment of new distributor in China
FTDI Chip is pleased to confirm Shanghai Jing Xi Electronics Information System Company Ltd as its latest distribution partner in China. It will forthwith market FTDI Chip’s Embedded Video Engine (EVE) graphic controller and Microcontroller (MCU) products in the region, as well as offering comprehensive technical support.
For more information, please click here to view the Press Release in English or in Chinese.


  April 2014
FTDI Chip releases new Advanced Drivers to promote more efficient System Operation
FTDI Chip has updated its current, highly expansive USB driver portfolio in order to include a selective suspend feature. The revised drivers have now passed Microsoft certification and are available to download free of charge from the FTDI Chip website here.

FTDI Chip latest in series of EVE development modules
FTDI Chip has further expanded its range of products supporting those working with the company's award-winning Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology, by introducting a series of easy t use Arduino-compatible development platforms. The VM800P series (where P signifies PLUS) is a unique offering which furnishes engineers with everything necessary to implement more effective human machine interfaces (HMIs) - including not only display, audio and touch elements, but data processing aspects too. Please click here for the press release.


  February 2014
FTDI Chip announces new Highly Integrated, Application-Focused 32-bit RISC Microcontroller
FTDI Chip continues to explore new areas where its innovative silicon solutiosn can add significant value, with the release of the FT900. This 32-bit microcontroller unit (MCU) is one of two initial devices in the company's new application oriented controller product lines and has been developed for high speed interfacie bridging. Please click here for the press release.

FTDI Chip announces new 48MIPs MCU to bring distinct advantages to Control System Implementations
FTDI Chip has further cemented its expansion into the MCU market by announcing the second of its ground-breaking application oriented controller devices. Possessing a comprehensive feature set, a vast array of I/Os and extensive data conversion capabilities, this 8-bit microcontroller unit (MCU) incorporates one of the highest performance 8051 compatible processor cores on the market. Operating at a 48MHz clock speed, it has a 48MIPS processing capacity (1 clock cycle per instruction). Please click here for the press release.

FTDI Chip announces new FT801 to support Intelligent Displays with Capacitive Touchscreens
FTDI Chip has expanded its award-winning EVE series with the announcement of the FT801, a capacitive touch enabled Embedded Video Engine (EVE) offering. The FT801 possesses the same key elements found on the initial EVE product, the FT800. It supports display, audio and touch functionality, with the capacitive touch element provided through an I2Cninterfact which is connected to a standard capacitivey touch controller. The FT801 brings together the functionality and system benefits of EVE with the increased brightness, interactivity and vividness that both users and developers have come to recognise in capacitive touchscreen technology. Please click here for the press release.

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