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  Application Modules

FTDI supply a range of application modules based around FTDI ICs which offer a ready-to-use application modules that can be easily integrated into customer applications.


  FT121 G-Sensor shield

The FT121 G-Sensor shield is designed to connect directly to an Arduino Pro and VinculumII development boards. The shield allows the micro-controller on the Arduino Pro to access the FT121 USB device controller. Using the FTDI FT121 chipset and a three axes linear accelerometer (ST LIS331DLH) device, the module may be used to implement a USB HID game controller. Features include:

  • An SPI Interface from the FT121 for data transfer over the SPI bus to the Arduino Pro via pin headers
  • LIS313DLH 3- axis linear accelerometer with selectable full scales of ±2g/±4g/±8g
  • Selectable SPI & I2C interface to control the 3-axes accelerometer
  • Two accelerometer interrupts
  • Three pushbuttons and two LEDs for HID applications
  • 5V USB cable power supplied operation
  • Onboard 3.3V regulator to power the accelerometer
  • Mini-B USB connector
  • Operating temperature range -40°C to +85°C
  • Complete datasheet available, DS_FT121 G Sensor Shield


  Global Positioning Dongle, FT-X-GPS

Enabled by the FT230X, USB to UART bridge device, the FT-X-GPS dongle brings global positioning capabilities to laptops, tablets, embedded PC apps, and systems with USB host functionality. The built-in sensing mechanism outputs data in a NMEA0183 v.3.01 format, to provide pinpoint accuracy. For more information see the detailed application note, AN_216


VDrive3 – Vinculum-II Development Module with Enclosure.

VDrive3 is a USB host / microcontroller development module with an enclosure. The default firmware pre-loaded in the VDrive3 module supports UART or SPI interfacing with a system host controller. This product provides an attractive solution for quick and easy integration of applications such as enabling access to USB memory stick / thumb drive devices.

The VDrive3 is a drop in replacement for the VDrive2 for the majority of VDrive2 applications. However, for a small number of applications that use SPI, some changes to the application software may be required. Please see AN_176 - Vinculum Comparison of VDAP and V2DAP.

The VDRIVE-LD product is now available. This device adds a protective lid that protects the USB A port in harsh environments.







VMusic3 – Vinculum-II Development Module

VMusic3 is a USB host and MP3 / WMA player application module. The default firmware of the VMusic3 supports audio playback and UART or SPI communication interfaces for integration into the target product. VMusic3 can be used to read MP3 and other audio format files from a USB flash disk, process the data and output the stereo audio through the line-out header and headphone jack.

The VMusic3 is a drop in replacement for the VMusic2 for the majority of VMusic2 applications. VMusic3 uses firmware called V2MSC which is similar to V2DAP (used in VDrive3) with an additional module for controlling MP3 playback. However for a small number of applications that use SPI, differences exists between VMusic firmware and V2MSC firmware which would require some changes to be made to the application software. For further details on these differences please see AN_176 - Vinculum Comparison of VDAP and V2DAP.







The FTDI USB Key is security device which has a unique identification number (FTDIChip-ID™) burnt into it during manufacture. This FTDIChip-ID™ number is only readable over the USB interface making it an ideal “key” for “unlocking” particular applications.

The FTDI USB Key has the following features:

  • Simple to use USB interface to any USB host or hub.
  • Unique FTDIChip-ID™ number can be used to provide a security dongle for software applications.
  • Additional security possible by encrypting the FTDIChip-ID™ number and storing in EEPROM writeable area of FTDI USB Key.
  • Enhanced security protection using SafeGuard-IT Active-X control for Windows. This can be used to generate asymmetric public-private key encryption to provide secure dongle functionality.
  • USB Key can be used to unlock security systems – access control.
  • Password protected access.








VDrive2 - USB Flash Drive interface module.

VDrive2 is possibly the easiest solution for adding a USB Flash Drive interface to an existing product. The module features a USB connector interface connected to VNC1L USB Host controller. The module provides a simple 4 signal interface supporting easy connectivity to an external device via UART or SPI. The connnector interface also features +5V and ground connections. USB interfacing is carried out using the Vinculum VDAP firmware. The VDrive2 ideal for evaluation and development of VNC1L designs. Further with its neat enclosure and attractive quantity discount pricing the module is ideal for incorporation into finished product designs. The VDrive2 can be used to enable USB connectivity for a range of products including consumer devices, handheld terminals, displays, and industrial products such as data loggers or for providing firmware upgrade interfaces.







Not recommended for new designs - see VDrive2

The VDrive1 evaluation module is an OEM version of the VDrive2 module. The module comes as a PCB module providing a simple method of integrating USB Flash disk capability to an existing product. An onboard header provides access to the 6 interface pins including 4 control pins, +5V supply and ground pins. Device supports external connectivity via SPI or UART interface.







VMusic2 Module - USB Flash Drive and Audio Playback interface module.

The VMusic2 module provides audio playback as well USB interfacing capability using the VNC1L IC. The onboard audio decoder supports playback of MP3s and other digital music formats from a USB Flash disk. Extensions to the Vinculum VDAP command set allow users control playback of selected files, as well as control the volume, balance, etc. of the sound channel, and monitor the status of the file being played. The module can be connected to external equipment via a simple 4 wire interface with +5V and ground connections, supporting UART or SPI interfaces. An audio jack connector is provided for audio output The VMusic2 is ideal for adding MP3 playback from USB drive capabillity for home entertainment and in-car audio systems. The module comes in an attractive enclosure to support easy integration within a finished product design.





Not recommended for new designs - see VMusic2

The VMusic1 is an OEM version of the VMusic2 providing audio playback from a USB Flash drive interface. The module comes as a simple PCB module offering easy integration into an existing design to provide audio playback and USB interfacing capability.







The VPROG-1 is a programmer module designed to support the programming multiple VNC1L devices. The module can also be used to program the VDIP1 and VDIP2 (Vinculum VNC1L- 1A evaluation boards). The VPROG-1 programmer requires either a VPROG-1-S-LQFP48 or a VPROG-1-S-ZIF40 adaptor connected to it to allow programming of the Vinculum host controller devices.

The VPROG-1-S-LQFP48 is used to program individual Vinculum host controller devices.

The VPROG-1-S-ZIF40 is used to program Vinculum host controller devices used on the VDIP1 and VDIP2 modules.







VF2F2 is a reference design for a VNC1L based stand-alone application illustrating how to construct a file back up device for a digital camera with a USB Mass Storage Class interface. At the push of a button, all the picture files on the camera are copied to a unique folder of a USB Flash drive so that the digital camera memory can be re-used to take further pictures. This is an ideal accessory for digital camera users who wish to backup their photos on the road without having to carry a notebook PC, or for people who want to share or swap their photos without requiring a card reader. VF2F2 is powered by two AAA size alkaline batteries.







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