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  DLP Modules

FTDI also supply and distribute a range of connectivity modules developed by DLP Design. Many of the products are based around FTDI USB ICs and offer connectivity to RF/RFID, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, MCUs, I/O interfaces as well as offering USB adapters and development boards.


Product Description Link to Datasheet Buy from FTDI Webshop
DLP-2232M-G Miniature development module based on FT2232C FTDI IC. Module is fitted on a 40-pin 0.1" pitch header for connection socket for prototyping. Datasheet
DLP-2232PB-G FT2232L based module with Microchip PIC16F877 microcontroller Datasheet
DLP-245PB-G FT245R based development module with Microchip 16F877A MCU, USB connection, and I/O headers Datasheet
DLP-FLASH 2 USB based MCU Flash programmer module. Datasheet
DLP-FPGA USB FPGA module based on Xilinx Spartan 3A FPGA Datasheet Unavailable
DLP-IOR4 USB based module to control external relays. Datasheet
DLP-RF2PROTO USB based RF development module with Freescale MC9S08GT60, RS232 interface and prototyping area. Datasheet
DLP-RF2RELAY DLP dual latching relay module designed for use with DLP RF2 transceiver board. -
DLP-RF2SENS DLP temperature and humidity sensor module. -
DLP-RF2-Z-G DLP RF OEM ZigBee transceiver module Datasheet
DLP-RFID1-OG USB RFID reader/writer - OEM version PCB module only. Datasheet
DLP-RFID-ANT External antenna accessory for DLP-RFID-LP8C -
DLP-RFIDTAG RFID transponder tags for use with DLP-RFID1 - Unavailable
DLP-TEMP-G USB data acquisition module Datasheet
DLP-TxRx-G USB to serial UART interface adapter module Datasheet
DLP-USB232M-G FT232BL based UART interface module Datasheet
DLP-USB245M-G FT245BM based interface module Datasheet

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