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 EVE Development Platforms and Accessories

The development platforms product range includes accessories as well as LCD controller and Bezel options. Modules are provided in a variety of form factors to assist with design and development. Click here for some marketing documentation on the EVE development platforms offering. Third party support for the FT800 is also available from MikroElektronika and 4D Systems, providing more choices for software tools and development hardware.

VM800P - Plus Modules

VM800B - Basic Modules with Bezel enclosure

VM800C - Credit Card Modules

VM801P - Plus Modules

VM801B - Basic USB Modules

For EVE2 modules utilising the FT81x series of ICs click here.

 VA800A-SPI USB 2.0 Hi-Speed to MPSSE SPI Module

The USB2.0 Hi-Speed to MPSSE SPI Module,VA800A-SPI, is a small electronic circuit board, utilising the FTDI FT232H. The 10 pin connector on the module fits directly to the FTDI VM800B and VM800C graphic display modules.

This allows direct control of the EVE FT800 devices with an SPI interface from a USB host.

Full details of the VA800A-SPI module can be found here.

All USB signalling and protocols are handled on the module. For full details of the FT232H IC, consult the FT232H datasheet

 VI800A - EVE Plug-in boards

An exciting range of expansion cards for the VM800P module which allow EVE to connect to a wider system and become the focal point of the system's control and display interface.

See full range here.


 Third Party EVE Support


4D Systems

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