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Event Characters
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Event characters can be used with FT232R, FT245R, FT2232C, FT232BM or FT245BM devices. If the event character is enabled and it is detected in the data stream, then the contents of the devices buffer is sent immediately. The event character is not stripped out of the data stream by the device or by the drivers, it is up to the application to remove it. Event characters may be turned on and off depending on whether large amounts of random data or small command sequences are to be sent. The event character will not work if it is the first character in the buffer. It needs to be the second or higher. The reason for this being applications that use the Internet for example, will program the event character as '$7E'. All the data is then sent and received in packets that have '$7E' at the start and at the end of the packet. In order to maximise throughput and to avoid a packet with only the starting '$7E' in it, the event character does not trigger on the first position.