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Setting the Baud Rate
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When using FTDI Virtual COM Port (VCP) drivers, the Baud rate can be set in the Device Manager or from an application. When the Baud rate is set from an application program it is done in exactly the same way as with a standard Windows COM Port - by simply passing the required Baud rate to the port using the Windows VCOMM API calls or a COM Port library. Both standard and non-standard baud rates can be set in this manner.

When using FTDI's D2XX direct driver the function
can be used to set both standard and non-standard baud rates.

If a non-standard Baud rate is required the formulae in this application note can be used to determine if it is possible. If the required non-standard Baud rate is possible simply pass it to the driver as normal and the required divisor will be calculated by the driver. For D2XX there is no longer any need to use the function
FT_SetDivisor, but it has been left in for backward compatibility.