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CDM USB Serial Converter Properties Page
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With the CDM driver, a property page is now available for the USB Serial Converter driver. This is at the same level as the original D2XX driver. Two tabs are supported: Advanced and Power Management.

In the case of FT232R, FT245R and FT2232 devices, the driver type is determined by a setting in the device EEPROM. The Advanced tab allows the user to override any EEPROM settings to select the driver type. The EEPROM settings can be overridden using the check box shown below:

   converter property page - advanced

The Power Management tab controls remote wake-up and sleep conditions. The Power Management tab appears as shown here:

   converter property page - power management

A check box is available to indicate that the device can bring the computer out of standby, but this is only selectable if the device EEPROM is configured to enable the remote wake-up capability.

A second check box is available to allow the computer to turn the device off to save power. In systems where the sleep state is S3, the device will be turned off and remote wake-up will not be available. If this box is not cheked, remote wake-up is enabled and the sleep state is S3, the device may prevent the system going into suspend. If both check boxes are checked, remote wake-up will be enabled for sleep state S1 (provided the device EEPROM is configured correctly) but remote wake-up will be overridden for sleep state S3.

These options can also be configured as default values via the FTDIBUS.INF file before installation as indicated in FTDIBUS.INF Options.