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Installing VCP Drivers
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To install VCP drivers for an FT2232C, FT232BM, FT245BM, FT8U232AM or FT8U245AM device under Windows CE 4.2 or later, follow the instructions below:

·Download the latest available D2XX drivers for the required processor model from the FTDI website and unzip them. If your processor model is not listed, please e-mail FTDI support with your target processor model. The critical files in the driver package are:  
·ftdi_ser.dll - the VCP driver file  
·FTDIPORT.inf - user changeable file to allow devices with custom VID and PID combinations to be installed  

·Copy all of the unzipped files to the \\Windows directory on the PDA.  

·If the PDA requires a host adaptor (e.g. USB host cable, presentation pack or Compact Flash host card), make sure that it is connected and installed before proceeding.  

·Connect the FTDI device to a host USB port on the PDA. This will provide a dialog box to direct Windows CE to the driver files.  

·Type the full name of the VCP driver file into the dialog box as shown below. If the file name is incorrect, the driver will not be found and the device will not function.  


·The device installation is now complete. The installation may be verified using the VCPTest test program available form the Utilities page of the FTDI website.