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DPInst Packages
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In order to be compatible with DPInst, a driver package must be Microsoft WHQL certified and meet certain requirements as outlined in Microsoft Documentation. The standard FTDI CDM driver package meets these requirements if certified (version 2.00.01 is certified). When bundled with DPInst, the driver package for 32-bit systems typically contains the files shown below:


A typical 64-bit driver package will contain the following files where FTD2XX64.dll and FTD2XX64.lib are 64-bit versions of the D2XX DLL and lib files respectively:


In order to use DPInst to install the driver, DPInst.exe must be run. By doing this, the driver will be pre-installed on the PC and any matching devices will be automatically installed.

If a custom VID and PID combination is required, FTDI can grant reseller rights to customers with a WinQual account. This will allow them to modify the INF files and obtain new signature files for them without having to submit HCT test logs. Microsoft charge a small fee for this service. To learn more about using DPInst with FTDI drivers, please see application note
AN232R-03 FTDI Windows Driver Pre-Installation.