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EEPROM Programming Interface Functions
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FTDI has included EEPROM programming support in the D2XX library. This section describes that interface.

Functions are provided to program the EEPROM (
FT_EE_Program, FT_EE_ProgramEx, FT_WriteEE), read the EEPROM (FT_EE_Read, FT_EE_ReadEx, FT_ReadEE) and erase the EEPROM (FT_EraseEE).

Unused space in the EEPROM is called the User Area (EEUA). Functions are provided to access the EEUA.
FT_EE_UASize gets it's size, FT_EE_UAWrite writes data into it and FT_EE_UARead is used to read it's contents.

Type definitions of the functional parameters and return codes used in the D2XX EEPROM programming interface are contained in the appendix.