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FT-Win32 API Functions
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The D2XX interface also incorporates functions based on Win32 API and Win32 COMM API calls. This facilitates the porting of communications applications from VCP to D2XX.

Linux support for these functions has been added to allow porting windows VCP applications to Linux as well as providing improved event detection. Every effort has been made to keep the continuity between the Linux and Windows implementation of these funcitons as much as possible. The notable differences have been documented within.

Before the device can be accessed, it must first be opened.
FT_W32_CreateFile returns a handle that is used by all functions in the programming interface to identify the device. When the device has been opened successfully, I/O can be performed using FT_W32_ReadFile and FT_W32_WriteFile. When operations are complete, the device is closed using FT_W32_CloseHandle.

Type definitions of the functional parameters and return codes used in the FT-Win32 interface are contained in the appendix.