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Welcome to the FTChipID Programmer's Guide
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This document describes the functions available in the FTChipID DLL which can be used to return FTDIChip-ID information for FT232R and FT245R devices.

Specifically, the
function can be used to extract the unique FTDIChip-ID from an FT232R or FT245R device. This number is not changeable by the end user and can be used to tie application software to a specific piece of hardware containing an FT232R or FT245R device.

Please note that the latest version of FTDI's D2XX drivers must be installed to use the FTChipID DLL. The latest D2XX driver can be downloaded form the
D2XX Drivers page of the FTDI web site.

The current version of the FTChipID DLL and several code examples are available for free download from the
FTDIChip-ID page of the FTDI web site.