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Calculates the actual frequency in Hz for a given clock divisor value.

(DWORD dwClockDivisor, LPDWORD lpdwClockFrequencyHz)

Specifies a clock divisor which will be used to calculate the frequency for clocking data in and out of the FT2232C device.
Pointer to a variable of type DWORD which receives the actual frequency in Hz that data will be clocked in and out of the FT2232C device at.

Return Value
FTC_SUCCESS if successful, otherwise the return value is one of the following FTC error codes:


The valid range for dwClockDivisor is 0 to 65535. The highest clock frequency is represented by 0 which is equivalent to 6MHz and the lowest clock frequency is represented by 65535 which is equivalent to 91Hz. This can be calculated using the following formula:

dwClockFrequency = 12MHz / ((1 + dwClockDivisor) * 2)

The clock frequency can be set by passing the clock divisor value to
I2C_SetClock or I2C_InitDevice.


DWORD dwClockDivisor = 0;
DWORD dwClockFrequencyHz = 0;

Status = I2C_GetClock(dwClockDivisor, &dwClockFrequencyHz);