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Welcome to the FTCI2C Programmer's Guide
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The FT2232C device contains FTDI's multi-protocol synchronous serial engine (MPSSE) controller which may be used to interface to many popular synchronous serial protocols including JTAG, SPI and I2C.

The FTCI2C DLL has been created to allow application developers to use the FT2232C to create a USB to Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) protocol interface without any knowledge of the MPSSE command set. All of the functions in FTCI2C.DLL can be replicated using calls to FTD2XX.DLL and sending the appropriate commands to the MPSSE as per application note
AN2232C-01 Command Processor For MPSSE and MCU Host Bus Emulation Modes

The latest version of FTDI's FTCD2XX drivers must be installed to use FTCI2C.DLL as several calls are made to a new version of FTD2XX.DLL. The MPSSE is available through channel A of the FT2232C device only; channel B does not support the MPSSE. Channel B may be controlled independently using FTDI's FTCD2XX drivers while channel A is being used for I2C communication.

This document lists all of the functions available in FTCI2C.DLL.

The FTCI2C DLL can be downloaded from the FTCI2C page of the
MPSSE section in the Projects area of the site.