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Sample DPInst.xml File
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DPInst.exe reads the DPInst.xml configuration file on execution to determine how DPInst should execute.

To use DPInst to perform a silent install, DPInst.xml could contain the following code:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

This would require that the driver package be in the same directory as DPInst.exe and DPInst.xml.

Alternatively, DPInst can be used to provide an installation wizard with an optional end user license agreement:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<language code="0x0409">
<dpinstTitle>VCP Driver Installer</dpinstTitle>

<welcomeTitle>Welcome to the VCP Driver Installer!</welcomeTitle>
<welcomeIntro>This wizard will install VCP drivers for your FTDI USB device.</welcomeIntro>

<eulaHeaderTitle>End User License Agreement</eulaHeaderTitle>
<eulaYesButton>I &amp;accept this EULA</eulaYesButton>
<eulaNoButton>I do &amp;not accept this EULA</eulaNoButton>

<installHeaderTitle>Installing the software for your FTDI device...</installHeaderTitle>

<finishTitle>Congratulations! You are finished installing your FTDI device.</finishTitle>
<finishText>VCP drivers are now installed for your FTDI USB device.</finishText>

<eula type="txt" path="eula.txt" />

Once DPInst has been configured, it is possible (and convenient) to create a setup executable or self-extracting zip file containing DPInst.exe, DPInst.xml and the driver package. This can be set to run DPInst.exe immediately after extraction and this will provide a simple way for the user to install the drivers.