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Which EEPROM should I choose for my design?

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There are many companies who manufacture suitable 93C46, 93C56 and 93C66 devices.  The key thing to note is that it has to be the 16-bit version of these parts (some also manufacture 8-bit versions and these are not suitable).  The devices mentioned below are suitable 16-bit devices.


The Atmel AT93C46.  Please note that if a customer uses this they should not connect pin 7 (our application schematics show pin 7 grounded, but this pin is specified as a no connect for the Atmel part).


The ISSI IS93C46-3GR.  ISSI have a sales office in Tokyo and the contact details for this can be easily found on their web site.


The Microchip 93LC46B is also a suitable device.