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Why doesn't my LabWindows/CVI project compile?

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LabWindows/CVI is an ANSI C development environment and recognises only the ANSI C data types.  The ftd2xx.h file uses standard Microsoft data types which are not recognised by the ANSI C compiler.


Projects can be compiled by performing the following steps:


If windows.h is included in the project, LabWindows/CVI can use the non-standard ANSI C data types in ftd2xx.h.  If they are not already present in the project, add these lines to the code:


 #include <windows.h>

 #include "ftd2xx.h"


Add the ftd2xx.lib file to the project.  This can be done by selecting "Edit > Add Files to Project...", clicking "Library(*.lib)..." and the selecting ftd2xx.lib.  Click "Add" then "OK" to add ftd2xxx.lib to the project.





Select "Options > Build Options...".  Ensure that the "Compatibility with:" box is set to "Visual C/C++" and that the "Default calling convention:" box is set to "__stdcall".  Changing these options may require that LabWindows/CVI is closed and then restarted.





Projects using FTDI D2XX drivers should then compile.