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For detailed information on FTDI products, as well as utilities and software examples, follow the links on the main menu.

If you require further support, please see the following categories:



Answers to many problems can be found in our knowledgebase.  Click here to visit our on-line knowledgebase or click here to download a searchable version.



  Sales Support
Please check on our Sales Network page if there is a local distributor.  If there is no local distributor, please contact FTDI Sales with enquiries.



  Support of FTDI-based OEM products (Third-Party)
FTDI provide support for our own FTDI branded products.

It is recommended end users of a product which utilizes an FTDI IC but was not designed, manufactured or sold by FTDI should contact either the vendor or manufacturer of that end product.

Often times the manufacturer will modify the IC and/or device driver settings, preventing the use of our default downloads.  Since FTDI has no control of the design of the OEM product, the manufacturer / vendor is best suited to provide support of their own product.



  Driver Support
Should you suspect a driver related issue, please check our Drivers page for the latest versions of our VCP, D2XX and Mac OS drivers.  Please remember to un-install older drivers before trying the latest versions.


If the problems persist, the FTDI Knowledgebase provides solutions to common problems and answers many common questions. 


  Hardware Support
If you suspect you have a hardware related problem  i.e. your design fails to enumerate (be recognised and load the drivers properly), the first step should be to download and study the FT232BM/FT245BM application note "Debugging FT232BM and FT245BM based Designs" which is available on our Application Notes page.  Most common hardware related issues are dealt with in this document.  Other valuable information is contained in the FT232BM and FT245BM design guides available for download on the same page.


The FTDI Knowledgebase is a comprehensive library of answers to common questions.  Please consult this before contacting FTDI Support.


  Application Software Support
Check out our Resources page which contains some useful links to resources on writing communications applications under Windows and OS X.  While FTDI do not offer full software consulting services, we will help you utilize the FTDI-supplied Application Programming Interfaces. 


The FTDI Knowledgebase contains some helpful information for application programmers and a full on-line version of the D2XX Programmer's Guide.  Should you require additional assistance, please contact FTDI Support.


  Contacting FTDI Technical Support
If you are unable to find an answer for your query, please contact the Application Engineering Team at the office closest to your location:

NOTE: When sending questions to Support, please help us to help you by including as detailed a description as possible of the symptoms associated with the problem.  For hardware related problems, it often helps if you can e-mail us a copy of your application schematic in PDF or BMP format.


  Website Problems
If you experience problems with this web site - missing or bad hyperlinks, files etc. please E-mail websiteadmin@ftdichip.com.





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