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Welcome to FTDI’s Android Support Page

for the latest news about FTDI & Android


Android Tools & Documentation

Java D2XX Update including FT4222H support 9th May 2018

The highly popular Java D2XX driver supporting FTDI bridge chips has been updated to include support and examples for the recently launched FT4222H device.

A new download is available - here.

TN_147 provides details on the basic driver with some example code, while AN_357 is added to the documentation library for FT4222H support.

VNC2 Android Open Accessory to USB Bridge Example 4th July 2014

FTDI have released a Vinculum II source code project to compliment the FT311/FT312 USB to UART, SPI, I2C, PWM, GPIO solutions. This example describes how to use the Vinculum II (VNC2) to host an Android Open Accessory USB port and bridge to another USB peripheral e,g, the FT232. The user can take this starter project to get started with their own specific application and add USB accessories to their Android platform.

For full details of this project, please refer to Application Note AN_323 - VNC2 Host to Android Open Accessory and FT232

Click here to download Vinculum II Android Open Accessory to USB Bridge Example project files and source code

UART Terminal Application 16th July 2013

FTDI have released a UART Terminal application based on their JAVA D2XX driver for use on the Android platform. This application supports all the FTDI to UART devices such as FT230X, FT231X, FT234XD, FT232R and FT232H. The application will allow for configuring the UART interface and transferring data in or out of the Android device.

The application is available from the Google play store here with a user manual, AN_242 available here
Source code is available here

Alternatively the apk may be downloaded here for direct installation.

Launch: FT312D - USB Host Chip 22nd April 2013

The FT312D Android host IC is launched today, providing an instant bridge from your Android USB port(B) to peripheral hardware over UART.

Following on from the success of the FT311D Android Open Accessories host device, the FT312D is a dedicated Android Open Accessory USB host to UART bridge with enhanced buffering and performance.

The device is available in 32 pin LQFP and QFN packages with support for extended temperature ranges of -40°C to 85°C.

Also included in the launch of the FT312D, are Android software examples allowing for rapid test and creation of new and exciting applications.

The FTDI Chip Android Open Accessory HyperTerm Utility is available for download on Google Play.

Try it out:

Android app on Google Play

Alternatively source code may be downloaded from here.


TN_146: Creating Android Images for Application Development 2nd April 2013

This technical note provides some guidance in creating an Android image for a processor to allow application development to begin. To read this technical note, please click here.

White Paper: Android Peripheral Options 7th February 2013

FTDI’s Senior Application Engineer, Bob Recny, has written a whitepaper entitled ‘Android Peripheral Options’. It is a discussion regarding Android support and options available through FTDI. To read this whitepaper on our Android page, please click here.

Announcing Java D2XX Android Driver Availability 7th February 2013

The Java D2XX driver supporting USB host class library model is available free of charge from FTDI Chip (Download full press release in English or in Chinese). The driver supports FTDI’s full complement of USB bridge, slave chips including R Chips(232R/245R), H- Series (USB2.0 Hi-Speed), and the X-Chip Series for Android v3.2 or later series. This library requires no special root access privileges, and can be easily adapted into applications by developers. The API is packaged in d2xx.jar and is distributed with demo application source code see technical note 147 (TN_147), which is available for download.

  • AN_233 JAVA D2XX for Android API User Manual

Product Change Notification 11th December 2012
Ref PCN_014: FT311D Update to enable Android Open Accessory Mode 2.0

This PCN details the update of the FT311D Android Host IC from Rev B to Rev C. The device required a change to enable connection to the latest revision of Android Open Accessory Mode, upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0 in November 2012. All related product documentation has been updated to reflect this upgrade; we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

FT311D Launch 31st July 2012

The FT311D multi-interface Android  host IC is launched today. Providing an instant bridge from your Android USB port(B) to peripheral hardware over GPIO, UART, PWM, I2C Master, SPI Slave or SPI Master interfaces.

Simply select the interface mode with pull up/pull down resistors on the FT311D mode select pins and plug into your Android (3.1 or later) device to access peripheral hardware over USB via Androids’ Open Accessory Mode. With this new chip, system providers can enhance connectivity to this popular mobile ecosystem, with the ability to create user applications that capitalize on Android platform resources; high-performance processing, accelerometers, touch-screen interfaces, etc.

Also included in the launch of the FT311D,  are  development modules and a suite of Android software examples  allowing for rapid test and creation of  new and exciting applications.

White Paper: Connecting Peripherals to an Android Platform 22nd March 2012

FTDI’s Senior Application Engineer, Gordon Lunn, has written a whitepaper entitled ‘Connecting Peripherals to an Android Platform’. It describes how to connect peripheral accessories to Android OS based tablets and phones, including the Android Open Accessory Initiative. To read this whitepaper on our Android page, please click here.

App Note: Accessing Android Open Accessory Mode with Vinco Development Platform

31st January 2012
This App Note describes connecting a Vinculum-II/ Vinco with the Vinco Touch-Key shield to a Motorola Xoom over USB running the Android Open Accessories Initiative environment.

AN_196 Accessing Android Open Accessory Mode with Vinco Development Platform


Tech Note: Add Support for FTDI devices to an Android OS
30th September 2011

This Tech Note describes the installation and use of the FTDI D2XX driver for FTxxxx devices in an Android environment. This is a beta version of the D2XX driver.

TN 134 FTDI Android D2XX Driver

Note : Many Android systems with USB host capability enumerate devices with application incompatible permissions (0660). In order to modify the default permissions a user must have root access. FTDI does not accept any responsibility for customers who choose to enable root access on their Android platform and subsequently may void their warranty. Enabling root access on such devices is entirely at the user’s own risk.

App Note: V2 Eval Board & Xoom
22nd August 2011

This App Note describes a Vinculum-II/ V2 Eval board demo using Motorola Xoom to run Android Open Accessories Initiative environment

AN 181 Accessing Android Open Accessory Mode with Vinculum-II

New Tool Chain Release: Vinculum-II
19th July 2011

This new release of the Vinculum-II Tool Chain Rev 1.4.2 includes demo code for Android Open Accessories Initiative, and shows how to attach an Android device to Vinculum-II

Vinculum-II Tool Chain

Tech Note: Add VCP to Android Kernel
29th June 2011

This Tech Note walks the user through adding VCP (Virtual COM Port) driver to the Android kernel and rebuilding the Android operating system

TN 132 Adding FTDI Devices VCP Driver Support to Android

Press Release: Android Support
14th May 2011

FTDI announces support for Android Open Accessories Initiative at Maker Faire

Makers Faire Press Release - Android Open Accessories Initiative.doc


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