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Application Software
Why is my device not detected by FT_ListDevices when a device is connected?
Is there a VCP Programmer's Guide?
How do I open COM10 or higher under Windows XP?
How can I open a port on the FT2232C using D2XX drivers?
C++ Builder
Why do I get a linker error?
Why can't I run the FTDI LabVIEW examples?
Why doesn't my LabWindows/CVI project compile?
Can I use FTDI's VID for my own product?
If I use FTDI's VID, will customers think my device is an FTDI device?
Are there drivers for MS-DOS available?
Are there drivers for Windows NT available?
Why do I get a 30 second delay when booting with FT232/FT245 devices attached?
Where can I find ports in the registry?
Do FTDI distribute driver source code?
Can I make FTDI devices appear as a different device class?
How do I enable asynchronous vendor commands?
How is the automatic serial number generated?
What Baud rates are achieveable?
Can I install VCP and D2XX drivers at the same time?
Why does my mouse not work when I connect my FTDI based GPS unit?
Can I set individual descriptors for each channel?
Can I use one port in VCP mode and the other in D2XX mode?
Why can't I install VCP drivers for my FT2232C?
Why can't I install D2XX drivers for my FT2232C?
Why can't I install D2XX drivers for my FT232BM under Windows XP?
Why can't I install D2XX drivers for my FT245BM under Windows XP?
How long can my USB cable be?
What does the 1.5kOhm resistor on the USB DP line do?
Which oscillators/resonators are compatible with the reference designs?
Why doesn't my crystal oscillate?
Why doesn't my FT232BM/FT245BM work when connected to a USB 2.0 host controller or USB 2.0 hub?
Why do I get repeated data when I read from the FT245BM?
How can I tell if there is data available to read in the FT245BM?
Which EEPROM should I choose for my design?
How is the EEPROM data organised?
When do FTDI devices read the EEPROM?
Is there an IBIS model for FTDI devices?
What are the packing, handling and storage instructions for FTDI devices?
What is the material content of FTDI devices?
Why doesn't my DLP board power-up?
The LEDs don't flash on my US232B cable.  Is it broken?
PCB Layout
How far can the USB connector be from the FTDI device?
Can FTDI devices be powered in a "mixed" mode?
What are the trace geometry requirements?
Should the 27Ohm series resistors be located next to the IC or the USB connector?

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